Inactive Commissions


  • Adult Education Commission 0

    The Adult Education Commission elects its officers, a chair and a vice-chair, in November at the annual Fall ICCCA Conference. Officers serve a one year term.

  • Counseling Commission 0

    This commission strives to support continuing educators in Illinois community colleges and enable them to provide the highest quality programs for it's constituents within their districts. Committees are established to support that purpose and provide opportunity for professional development and networking to commission members. Officers are elected at the Fall ICCCA conference, and serve a one-year term January-December. The commission is affiliated with the National Council for Continuing Education and Training.

  • Facilities Commission (ICCFOA) 0

    Membership in the Facilities Commission is made up of representatives from the physical plants of each community college in the state. The Commission does not have officially elected officers, and members take turns chairing the meetings. Many members of the Facilities Commission are also members of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (ICCFOA).

  • Marketing and Public Relations Commission 0

    There are approximately 50 members of the Public Relations and Marketing Commission. Officers are elected in December and serve a one year term. Each year the Commission participates in a regional conference in October and a national conference in March.

  • Resource Development Commission 0

    The Resource Development Commission is dedicated to the advancement of external funding to support the community colleges of Illinois. The Commission sponsors a statewide conference for Illinois community college resource development professionals each September. Officers are elected at the statewide conference and serve a one-year term.

    The Resource Development Commission's State Funding Task Force publishes an annual report which is the only comprehensive source of information for Illinois community colleges regarding competitive grant programs at Illinois state agencies. Task Force members meet with state agency personnel each summer and publish their report each fall. All Illinois community college resource development professionals are welcome to volunteer for the Task Force.

    Commission members are encouraged to join the national Council on Resource Development (, which offers a listserv, a regional conference each spring, and a national conference in Washington, D.C., each November.

  • Developmental Education and Learning Commission 0

    Now combined with Arts and Science Transfer Administrators

  • Career Commission 1

    Membership in the Career Commission consists of administrators of career programs throughout the state of Illinois. A chair and vice-chair are elected at the Fall ICCCA Conference in November each year. The chair serves a one-year term. The chair of the Career Commission also sits on planning committees for the Illinois Council of Occupational Education.